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HARPOS expects everyone to have common sense inside and outside the property. Have a great time and behave in a respectful, civil, courteous and humane manner at all times. We are all here for the same experience some great live music in a venue that has been around for a long time.

Harpos reserves the right to remove patrons that are disruptive in any way or refuse them at the door without refund.  Including:

   .   Anyone caught under 21 drinking alcohol beverages or deemed intoxicated

  • Anyone caught using fake ID (either to gain access to the club or to purchase alcohol)

  • Buying alcohol for minors and other alcohol-related violations

  • Anyone that causes or are connected to fights, brawls, and other physical altercations or disruptions to staff or other patrons

  • Anyone caught selling or consuming illegal drugs in the facility or its parking areas

  • Anything Harpos deems disruptive, illegal or immoral

  • Have weapons of any kind on them

  • Bring outside beverages in the venue

  • Other "common sense" things we don't have listed

When you purchase your tickets, check your email for confirmation. Please have a printed or digital copy of your confirmation email ready along with your ID when you go to the HARPOS BOX OFFICE the day of the show when doors open. NO REFUNDS unless concert is cancelled. Postponed/Resceduled concerts are non-refundable. All final purchases include a facility fee.

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